What pets do you transport into or out of China?

According with China Customs regulations, only dogs and cats can be shipped as private pets into or out of China.

How much do you charge for shipping my pet?

Each move is unique and costs can vary significantly from move to move. The first step is to fill out our "Request An Estimate" worksheet so that we have the basic information to begin the process.

Do You Sell Puppies?

We do not sell animals. If you received an e-mail that says we do, you've been contacted by a cyber criminal. Read About Pet Scams.
●  Are health certificates needed for my pet?

Shanghai M&D Pet Service will take care of all import and export paperwork and inoculations, if necessary. A health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian and dated within 7 days prior to the departure date. And this certificate will be endorsed by the Quarantine Bureau in China

●  What type of kennel will I need?

The Animal Welfare Act and the IATA Live Animals Regulations define the details of proper flight kennels. Shanghai M&D Pet Service can provide approved flight carriers of all sizes, and can furnish custom-built kennels when needed.

Flight kennels must be ventilated on all four sides and have room for your pet to stand without touching its head. Your pet must also be able to turn around. The carrier must have a leak proof bottom, with food and water bowls accessible from the outside.

●  I will be traveling with my pet on vacation. Can you help me?

In most instances, individuals traveling with their pets can deal directly with the passenger division of the commercial airline and the animal can travel as checked baggage. In all other situations where the animal is not permitted as checked baggage (as in most international travel), we are happy to assist.

●  Can I get a complete estimate at no charge?

Upon receipt of your pet and travel information, we'll provide you with a preliminary estimate at no charge. This information will be based on past experience and may be adjusted as we work on your pet's specific logistical needs.

●  How much advance notice do you need?

For pets to the States, it had better be 1.5 months ago. For pets to the EU, it had better be 4.5 months ago.